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We are an LGBTQ organization that provides advocacy, support, and outreach services for the lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer community, and our allies, in Joliet, IL and the surrounding area. Our Mission is to build community and personal alliances to better the quality of life of all no matter the sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expressions. We provide education, and advocacy, to celebrate our diversity, and to inform others about issues affecting our lives.
We don't believe in the status quo. We believe in equality for everyone!

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Events since Spring 2015 over Indiana’s religious freedom law show us that the LGBTQ community is entering mainstream society. Laws allowing blatant discrimination of LGBTQ people are harder to be enacted. More than half of mainstream society believes that the LGBTQ community deserves marriage equality. Politicians who wish to gain power have found that though people understand sexual orientation some do not understand gender identity. This lack of understanding is being exploited by those who wish to take away our rights. You perhaps have heard the phrase “divide and conquer.”
The LGBTQ community is a community in transition. Information gleaned from African American history, women's studies, and experiences after enactment of the Americans with Disabilities Act, show that though legal rights are granted the power structure of society changes very slowly. Our transgender community members are carrying the inevitable backlash from our civil rights gains on their shoulders. This backlash comes with a virulence that we did not anticipate. We should have. Sylvia Rivera addressed the crowd of LG people after the Stonewall riots and was booed by them. She screamed “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!” as they tried to boo her off the stage. Sylvia Rivera was gender fluid. She insisted that all people should be free to self-determine who they are.
Now laws are being made in attempts to regulate over the most intimate details of our own anatomy. You must ask yourself “What is wrong that you do not speak out against this most egregious injustice?” Do you really think that this is where they’re going to stop?
Join us. Let’s make full civil rights the law of the land.

Modern History:

June 28, 1969 the police were doing their typical raid on a gay bar. The Stonewall Inn in New York City was a gay bar that drag queens, trans men, trans women, and prostitutes patronized, and where homeless trans/gay/lesbian youth loitered around. Being gay was against the law. The cops were doing their job conducting yet another raid on this gay bar but this time the paddy wagons were late. The sight of arrested patrons waiting on the sidewalk drew a crowd from around the community and sparks flew. Frightened cops withdrew into the Inn surrounded by angry LGBTQ people. Police action saved the cops but the riots lasted a few days. Within two years from June 28, 1969 there were LGBTQ organizations not only in every major U.S. city but around the planet. Now same sex marriage is the law of the land but not everyone can celebrate. People of the LGBTQ community are in every race, and class. We have every ability, and disability. We are of every age. Our community must be safe for all of us.

The Future is Here.

hate costsThe future is here and it looks too much like the past. Join with CAAN to begin the conversation that forges a way to create a Safe Community for All. It cannot be legislated, history has proven this. It begins in our hearts.

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We are collecting a discrimination survey to find out what your experience is as a member of the LGBTQ community in Joliet. It is a quick, simple, 10 question survey. You can take it now, just click the link here. En Espanol, haga clic en el enlace aquí.
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